Clear quartz crystal healing sphere / ball with 1.5 inch diameter. Clearly, the best all purpose stone! The symbol of elemental wholeness, containing the four elements of creation. Assists in the amplification of focus, direction, transmission and storage of energy. Its greatest attribute is known to be its use as an aid to opening the psychic centers, enabling the ability to meditate at a deeper level and to free the mind from the mundane and the trivial. It releases the higher consciousness and develops mystical and spiritual gifts. It is also particularly useful for meditation and when working to contact or align with ones higher self! The Quartz Crystal attracts the powers of light and energy and is said to be an excellent powerful general healer and dynamic working tool which works on all levels - strengthening, cleansing, and protecting. Purifies air. Protects against harmful electrical vibrations. Assists the user to think intuitively. size may vary from 24mm to 34 mm.