ZIPPER GEMS by GYMSTONES Chandelier- Aquamarine (approx. 2” w/o clasp) New and unique womens jewelry accessory! ZIPPER GEMS (zipper pulls) are made of 925 sterling silver. bezel set with high quality semiprecious gemstones and vibrant cubic zirconium stones. ZIPPER GEMS can attach to any zipper. They can be worn on jackets, vests, sweatshirts, backpacks and can even be clipped on to some cell phones. Double the ZIPPER GEMS on our Mix & Match Clip (see accessories) and they can have alternative uses as JEAN GEMS, worn on you jean belt loops or as BAG TAGS for all your handbag and make-up bags. More “Bling” for your $$. Each ZIPPER GEM is hand stamped with our “G” logo assuring you that it is an original GYMSTONES