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brown Necklaces
A collection of brown necklaces in silver and brown beaded necklaces to add earthy appeal to your wardrobe. Select your favorite piece.
brown Earrings
A variety of brown gemstones like sunstone, chrysocolla, smoky quartz are fashioned into designer earrings for this showcase of brown earrings. Also find here brown chandelier earrings popular with jewelry lovers.
brown pendants
Check out our display of brown pendants featuring the earthy hue handcrafted into a variety of sterling silver pendant settings. You can find here pendants in smoky quartz, sunstone, bronzite and many more.
brown Bracelets
An exhaustive collection of brown bracelets featuring faceted gemstones as well as beads set into sterling silver settings.
brown rings
Browse through our display of silver brown rings and adorn your fingers with a designer ring. All designs are set with one of the impressive varieties of brown gemstones like smoky quartz, sunstone, chrysocolla, etc.
brown Beads
Check out our sizable collection of brown beads in every imaginable shape and size. Brown beads add an earthy appeal to any jewelry item they are added to.
brown healing
For those who believe in the healing powers of brown gemstones, here is a collection of brown healing stones and crystals in various forms.
For those with a classic sense of dressing up, we bring a bewitching collection of brown jewelry, handcrafted from the ever coveted smokey topaz, jasper, tiger eye and other absolutely natural gemstones. Brown goes well many color combination and suitable for wearing for a casual or a formal occasion.Check out our brown beads and brown healing stones in this collection.

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