Tiger Eye Bear Claw Pendant in Silver
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Tiger Eye Bear Claw Pendant in Silver

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This beautiful Tiger Eye pendant in bear claw shape is set in a detailed silver design with a teardrop shaped hook. The pendant itself hangs at approximately 1 inch and has varying lines throughout the stone.

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Tiger Eye healing properties: -gives confidence to those who need help accomplishing goals -grounding energy of the earth combined with a warmth from the yellow/gold highlights -helps us recognize the resources within ourselves and have the courage to use them to attain our dreams -helps us judge a situation and determine how best to approach itBenefits of bear claw shape: -beneficial to people who may find it difficult to pace themselves for the speed of our modern lifestyles -symbolic meaning is one of bravery, benevolence, resurrection, mothering instincts and duality -the bear is well known for its fiercely protective manner, calm, composed and patient characteristics. These characteristics transfer a sense of tranquil regularity to its owners life. -it's power can help regulate a person's work and resting levels by assisting them to relax as much as possible at the most appropriate times.

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