The statue of Ganesha, the lord of success, is beautifully carved in sparkling blue goldstone. Ganesha is the most important deity of Hindu Religion. This statue is 2.5 inch long. Believed to be a piece of the sun, goldstone was prized by ancient magicians, who used it to attract the strength of the sun and its associated power and wealth. It is commonly associated with the Phoenix that appeared at the first sunrise. goldstone has a very positive effect on ones psyche, it promotes good humor, cheerfulness and an even temper. It may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting. It offers self confidence and helps its wearer to discover her own nature and live accordingly. It assists its wearer in maintaining a positive attitude towards her own life and to use inherent strengths while still allowing the sunny side of the personality raise to the forefront.