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Semiprecious.com, based in Austin, Texas, USA, brings to you one of the largest online collections of handmade semiprecious jewelry. Our entire range of jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver with a few pieces silver plated and in over 40 different natural gemstones. We take pride in offering only top quality craftsmanship and skill in all our jewelry designs. Some of our jewelry is made in Austin. We got to use the talent here too!

Our jewelry is made by skilled artisans of India who have years of experience and practice to deliver only perfect and stunning pieces. As all our jewelry is handmade, you can pick from here designs that are extremely individual and original works of art. Semiprecious sells its sterling silver jewelry at highly competitive prices . However, this does not imply any compromise on quality.

We have on display more than 4000 jewelry designs with prices ranging from less than $5 to higher than $500. Our truly versatile collection has been segmented into exhaustive categories for your convenience.

We have here collections of exclusively silver jewelry, silver and stone jewelry and beaded jewelry that further have sub categories. Sterling silver rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and brooches classified according to gemstones, colors and also themes.

Apart from the vast collection of jewelry, we also offer our customers a collection of healing gemstones and crystals and gemstone beads to choose from. We take special pride in offering our customers the finest and most fashion-forward fine sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. New additions are made to our showcase on a regular basis to keep our customers up to date with the latest in jewelry fashions. Our gemstone beads collection is a favorite of jewelry makers and designers and has a vast orange of beads in different shapes, sizes and cuts.

We also ship internationally and accept no-questions asked returns up to 30 days.

All jewelry at semiprecious is valuable, durable and yet extremely fashionable. We also accept large silver gemstone jewelry orders at manufacturing prices and guarantee of high quality products. We do free repairs/replacements for upto 6 months if any of our jewelry pieces break.

- Anup Pandey

anup pandey


Anup Pandey (in photo above), engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, India and from SUNY, ESF, Syracuse, NY, USA. Moved to the United States in 1992 and established semiprecious.com in 1998. Facebook: www.facebook.com/austinDancer.

Nitish Pandey, an ex-NDA officer and a post graduate in Computer Sciences from IIT Bombay, India joined us post his business management studies at IIM(Lucknow), India. He served in the Indian armed forces for 15 years where he conceptualised and deployed an elaborate web based work flow system. Right after early retirement he worked on solutions related to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and image processing at RMSI, Noida, India. He also started www.ForcesOfIndia.com to enable retired defence personnell to stay in touch for professional networking.

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