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More about Lapis Lazuli: The name lapis comes from word ‘Pencil’ in Spanish. Lapis Lazuli with deep azure blue color, often flecked with golden pyrite inclusions, was treasured by ancient Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations and often worn by royalty. Lapis lazuli was widely used by Egyptians for cosmetics and painting . Persian legend says that the heavens owed their blue color to a massive slab of Lapis upon which the earth rested. Lapis Lazuli was believed to be a sacred stone, buried with the dead to protect and guide them in the afterlife. Lapis Lazuli (also called Lazurite,) occurs in various shades of blue with some qualities being speckled with white calcite and some with yellow pyrite. The finest Lapis Lazuli is even blue color with little or no veining from other elements.. The source of the pigment ultramarine, Lapis lazuli is not a mineral but a rock containing sodalite, colored by lazurite. Because lapis is a rock of varying composition, its physical properties are variable. One of the most powerful and energetic stone associated with the ‘Third Eye’ (6th Chakra), Lapis Lazuli must be used cautiously. People can feel dizzy or overwhelmed by its sheer energy. It is the stone of mystery, positive magic and psychic ability. Helps understand mind, expand your viewpoint and change your perception of reality. Consequently, it is a highly spiritual stone and should be used during meditation. Heals emotional wounds, cleanses the aura, develops the powers of mind, intuition, wisdom and memory. Hang it near your heart in necklace, and feel the mind and heart connected. Medically, it prevents fits, epilepsy, strokes, depression, and helps heart, spleen besides improving eyesight. The main supplies of Lapis Lazuli are found in the Afghanistan, Egypt, Canada, Chile, the US, and South America.

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