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bloodstone necklaces

A featured set of elegant sterling silver necklaces and rose quartz beaded necklaces featuring the gemstone of love; the pretty pink rosy quartz.

bloodstone pendants

An assorted grouping of silver rose quartz pendants featuring unique designs from totally traditional settings to extremely modern ones and all being focused into attention by the mesmerizing rose quartz adorned on it.

bloodstone earrings

The ravishing rose quartz looks equally stunning when fashioned into beads, cut to dazzle with facets or polished into lustrous cabochons and finally adorned on a pair of stunning silver gemstone earrings. An exhaustive collection for you to browse through

bloodstone rings

Adorn your elegant fingers with one of the elegant ring designs displayed in this magnificent assortment of silver gemstone rings featuring the pretty pink rose quartz and see the magic it creates wherever you go. The lustrous cabochons & faceted gems are truly impressive.

bloodstone bracelets

Adorn this baby pink rose quartz set in sterling silver bracelet frames to draw attention to your wrist. Find here a complete design collection also featuring some designs flaunting more than one type of gemstone.

bloodstone beads

Exquisitely handcrafted rose quartz beads that you can pick up and fashion into your favorite gemstone accessory- necklaces, bracelets, etc.

bloodstone healing

Popular as the love gemstone, rose quartz is increasingly adopted for its healing properties. For those who believe in its magic, we present a collection of rose quartz healing stones crafted into spheres, figurines, wands, etc.

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