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bloodstone necklaces

Beads of various shapes enhance the unusual charm of the unique tiger eye gemstone. Try out some one from this captivating display of beaded necklaces and tiger eye silver necklaces and walk out in style.

bloodstone pendants

Presenting a striking collection of gemstone pendants that owe their rich and charming allure to the tiger eye gemstone set onto ornate frames in a variety of sizes and styles.

bloodstone earrings

The chatoyant Tiger Eye looks magical when it is adorned in the form of uniquely handcrafted earrings. Look through this exotic display and choose the pair for your ears.

bloodstone rings

Each ring from this collection is adorned by a fine quality mysteriously charming tiger eye gemstone. The enchanting stone is perfectly finished and set onto an assortment of exclusively designed frames in sterling silver.

bloodstone bracelets

Adorn your pretty wrist with one of the excellently crafted tiger eye gemstone bracelets included in this charming display and get ready to leave a powerful impression on the world. The lustrous chatoyant gemstone never fails to impress.

bloodstone beads

The beautiful banded patterns of tiger eye in brown and golden hues get highlighted and attract when they are molded into beads. Select your favorite ones from this featured collection and flaunt your fine taste

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