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amethyst necklaces

The earthy hued smoky quartz is fashioned into a variety of beads and set to add glamor to this featured collection of beaded necklaces and silver smoky quartz necklaces.

amethyst pendants

This enchanting collection of gemstone pendants features the exuberant smoky quartz, twinkling like stars set in finely crafted silver frames. The warm brown colored gemstone is made into dazzling cuts to impress.

amethyst earrings

The sparkling smoky quartz is made into beads of various shapes that can be faceted or made into fancy cuts and set onto a collection of finely handcrafted silver earrings to add instant style to your dressing. Find here studs, danglers, drops or chunky chandeliers for you ears.

amethyst rings

Fabulously faceted smoky quartz gemstones from the very traditional to completely unusual fancy cuts are set in a variety of sparkling silver frames to form this magnificent collection of silver gemstone rings

amethyst bracelets

Beautiful bracelet designs for your wrists featuring a variety of smoky topaz beaded bracelets and silver bracelets.

amethyst beads

Choose here from a large variety of fine quality smoky quartz faceted and smooth polish beads in varying shapes and sizes.

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